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Ukulele Jam Session - Singapore

Ukulele session at Hackerspace in Singapore

Thanks to Cheryl for organizing this ukulele jam and Hackerspace.SG for hosting it!

As I entered the building, I was greeted by a cacophony of different chords.

My head popped out of the stairwell only to see around twenty pairs of eyes looking my direction. The chords did not stop however.

A gentleman, whom I would come to know as Mark, pointed to an empty seat beside him.

I make my way to the seat, gently whispering “wow is everyone here a pro?”

“Not me,” came the reply from the girl at the end of the row.

I take my seat and pulled out my instrument, briefly borrowing Mark’s tuner to ensure I stay in tune with the group.

A song, with chords, is projected on screen – Payphone by Maroon 5.

The group begins to strum, and the magic happens. What starts as a cacophony of 25 different players slowly melds into a beautiful harmony of chords.

This is the Ukulele ensemble, organized by Cheryl. She had played the instrument for the past two years and thought it would be a great idea for fellow enthusiasts to get together and share their love for this little instrument.

From people playing the hard coat painted ukuleles, to ones who play instruments with pick ups and a plug for an amp, this group that came from all levels of ability seem to be enjoying every moment.

If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself motivated playing the ukulele, this is one of them. Want in? Join the group on!

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