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#WeWillDance for Feline Friends! - Singapore

Friendly feline found wandering the streets of Penang.

I apologize for the slideshow breaking, but we are transitioning to a new theme and the slides show will be back asap

This Saturday ( I will be participating in a dance-a-thon for charity. My booty will be shaking for six hours to KPop x2, Hip Hop, Zumba (O.o) and a “surprise”.


I really miss being part of a hip hop dance crew (shout out to UW Hip Hop) and want to join street dancers every time I see them gathering with their boom boxes iPods and speakers.

Thus when a friend was looking for someone interested in replacing her teammate who could not make the dance-a-thon, I could not resist the opportunity.

We have not decided if it’s going to a tag team effort or of we are both going the full six hours. I do consider that I’ve gone clubbing from 10pm to 2am before – so what’s another two hours?

The team is supporting the Cat Society. Please help our feline friends and pledge a few dollars to the cause!

My team, the cats and me myself and I thank you for your support!

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