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What Camera Kit to Pack When Travelling - Strobist

In this video, David Hobby discusses what he packs in his travel kit. The theme: keep it simple and light.

We’re trying to get photographers to travel more like travellers and less like weekend warriors dressed like light infantry.

David Hobby

He uses a lens hood, B/W UV filter and a mini tripod that can extend quite fully. In addition he shoots with a Fuji X100s.

Regarding the UV Filter, he does make a good point that he often doesn’t keep the lens cap on and the filter does provide some level of protection in lieu of a very slight degradation in picture quality.

As a working photojournalist myself, I do agree with having a UV Filter to protect your lens. You miss moments having to take that cap off!

As for choosing the smaller Fuji X100s over a full dSLR, I have to agree with his choice too.

As a traveller, you don’t want to bear the full weight of all that expensive gear. You also lose the peace of mind when you have so much expensive equipment with you. Where would you leave that gear if you can’t carry it? That has a negative impact on your quality of travel. At least with a smaller camera, you can take it with you always. It’s also easier to maneuver around, less conspicuous when taking photos, and the focus systems are pretty fast!

“It’s mostly about the trip. You just enjoy the trip and slip into photographer mode now and then,” said David.

I use a small 50mm lens on my SLR myself, but found that I would definitely opt for a rangefinder sized camera the next time my budget allows a camera purchase.

The video also tells us what he looks for when shooting travel photos.

What’s in your camera kit when you travel?

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